Frequently asked questions?

1How long does it take to apply for a student visa?

The student visa application process can take different amounts of time depending on the country you are planning to visit, the type of visa, and the embassy or consulate's approval process. Typically, this process can last from a few weeks to a few months. For accurate and updated information, you should check directly on the embassy or consulate website of the country you want to study abroad in or contact BF company to receive detailed advice on your application. your visa and the time it takes to receive your visa.​

2US/Canada Student Visa passing rate

Student visa approval rates for the US and Canada vary, depending on the quality of documents, scores, academic and financial goals. Thorough and proper preparation is important to increase your chances of success. You should get advice from an expert with many years of experience in the field of study abroad consulting and visa services to enhance your strengths, limit your weaknesses and maximize your Visa approval rate.​

3Student visa application fee

Student visa application fees often vary depending on the country and visa type. In the US and Canada, for example, the fee for an F-1 Visa (US) or a Student Visa (Canada) is usually a fixed cost, but there may also be additional costs such as service fees and review fee.

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