Quebec City

Quebec City is one of the oldest European cities in North America. This area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 as the “Historic District of Old Québec”. If you are charmed by towering fortresses, stunning castles, you like wandering ancient cobblestone streets, revel in eating great food, and feel like you have time-travelled to Europe, then Québec is the place to go. Also, there are three national park near by Quebec with camping sites, hiking trails, and wildlife observation opportunities.


Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. It is one of the most popular cities for tourism in Canada. Many of those who travel to Canada make Toronto their first stop. The reason behind this choice is clear – this city is known for its diversity. From luxury destinations to great food, family entertainment, and sports venues, you can find them all here. 


Even by North American standards, Vancouver is a young city. But what it lacks in history it compensates for in scenery. Surrounded with majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage throughout all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also, Vancouver’s citizens take great pride in their welcoming, clean, safe streets – day or night, all year round.

Québec City



Interesting facts about Canada

1. Canada is the largest country in the Western hemisphere and the second largest country in the world after Russia and borders only one country, The United States of America.

2. Canada has the longest coastline in the world with 202,080 km/ 125,567 miles.

3. More than half of all the lakes in the world are located in Canada! The country counts more than 3 million lakes and 31,700 big lakes with an area over 300 hectares.

4. Toronto is Canada’s largest metropole with over 6 million people. Montreal, Canada’s second largest city with over 4 million inhabitants, is also the second largest city in the world that has a French-speaking population – after Paris in France.

5. The national holiday is called Canada Day and is celebrated on 1 July.

6. About half of Canada’s landmass is covered by forest. There are about 180 tree species in Canada.

7. Canada declared in 2012 that Santa Claus was indeed a Canadian citizen. To send letters to Santa, children can use this address: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada.

8. Canada has two official languages – English and French.

9. Canada is also home to 20% of the world’s freshwater

10. Hawaiian pizza was actually invented by an Canadian man in Ontario, not by the Hawaiians.

Coast of Canada is longest in the world

Canada day is the most festive day in Canada

Nowaday, you can send mail to Santa Claus

Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada

Best time to visit Canada

Even though summer months are most favored time to visit. The best time to visit Canada is from September through November. The weather has cooled down but is still comfortable and changing fall foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for a vacation.

Also, in wintertime you can enjoy sports like skating and skiing. Another special thing you can do is to witness the beauty of the Northern Lights, a multi-coloured phenomenon that is worth bearing the cold for!

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