With advanced education, and many of the world’s top universities, colleges and high schools; the US has always been the dream destinations of international students. Racial diversity, modern lifestyle, creative learning environment are the foundation to promote the comprehensive development of international students.


a Story from THIEN HOAN AU


     Studying in the US has always been my dream since I was in secondary school. It amazed me every time I thought about being able to set foot on the land of the US. After putting effort into learning and applying for university, I eventually succeeded in pursuing my dream, embarking on a new journey in the US.

     On the first pages of my journey, I was shocked. The language barrier is one of the biggest problems I had encountered. Despite a long-time exposure of English and taking abundant English speaking and listening courses, I still found it difficult to understand the lectures. Additionally, since my friends have different backgrounds and distinct accents, we occasionally talk at cross purposes. Besides that, this is the first time I lived far from home, meaning that I have to take responsibility for all household chores which have been done by my parents, including cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning. The living expenses are costly, so I have to carefully take any products into consideration before purchasing them. My parents only provide a limited amount of money, so I have to make good use of it. I have learned to be disciplined.

     On the other hand, there are a variety of opportunities when studying in the US. I have chances to participate in the most active learning environment, acquiring knowledge from leading professors and exchanging skills with excellent international students from other countries. In the US, students are encouraged to take active roles in all activities, from studying to extracurricular ones. They are dynamic, sympathetic, and intelligent. They do not hesitate to ask when confronting unclear pieces of information and express their opinions about certain topics. Professors focus on assist students in exploring their own interests and talents while self-enhancing academically, physically, and mentally. Moreover, schools frequently organize bonding and voluntary activities in the hopes of helping international students immerse themselves in the community. I have also learned about the local cultures by joining local activities. The US is the home of multinational companies which offer many options for my internships during summertime. The hand-on experience will increase my competitiveness in finding jobs upon graduation.

     I am living in the world of trade-offs. Every step has a consequence. Every opportunity is associated with challenges. The US schools offer me chances to explore my interests, potentials and integrate myself with the multicultural community. I will never regret studying in the US.


Thien Hoan Au

Texas Christian University, the US

Pre-Business Major – Class of 2024

Scholarship 100%



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