United Kingdom is widely believed to be the cradle of education with hundreds of prestigious universities, including Cambridge University, Oxford University, etc. Coming to this antique country, international students have chances to experience the high-quality academic programs while enhancing foreign language skills and traveling during vacations. The British Government allows students to work part-time up to 20 hours per week. Additionally, international students can extend their visa duration up to 2 years to find jobs in Britain instead of 4 months, beginning in 2021. Hence, studying in England is a great opportunity for advancing academics and career paths. What else are you waiting for?


Story of Jack Nguyen in England

     I used to think that England had the same hectic pace of life as that of New York or Tokyo. I also thought that the weather was cold and bleak with thick fog throughout the year. Most importantly, the British accent seemed to be palatable. After a fair amount of time living in this country, I changed my mind.

     My first impression when setting my foot on this land was the lifestyle and architecture. British people live more slowly and enjoy their lives more than Americans do. Fortunately, I am living in London, the capital of England, so the pace of life was identical to that of Sai Gon. Building constructions and scenery here evoke the feeling of nostalgia, recalling the good old days. The antiquity warms up my inner soul from the cold loneliness in winter. Although I used to think the weather would be bleak over the year, it was the sunny days with the temperature up to 32°C in London that proved me wrong. I utilized my holidays to discover different corners of England, taking the train to the suburban areas where I could enjoy the peacefulness and be close to nature. Through the journeys, I also learnt a lot about the native British cultures, including the “sorry” custom, politeness, and hospitality. The learning environment here is above par. Students are encouraged to think and develop in their own ways rather than be drawn to certain frames of ideas. Classes are far from boring lectures, rather be heated discussions so that I could draw my own lessons.

     Two major problems I encountered when beginning my life in England were comprehensiveness and living expenses. First of all, despite having practised listening a lot during preparations for standardized tests, including IELTS and TOEFL, I still struggled with interpreting information due to discrepancy in accents of local people. Moreover, the limitation of specialized lexical resources accounted for my comprehending and note-taking during lectures. Secondly, London is famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, with average living expenses up to ₤12,000. To ensure a stable life, I had to learn to balance my budgets and plan my expenditures. I have cut the budgets for personal recreation activities such as shopping and beautifying. I also found a part-time job for an additional monthly income.

     Carrying the beauty of antiquity, England would be the ideal destination for students who love to experience a slow lifestyle in the modern-day. In addition to studying and working opportunities in this country, I could immerse myself in the local customs while enjoying the beauty of scenery and landmarks.

_____Jack Nguyen_____

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