Australia is an ideal option for international students thanks to its advanced education system, excellent training quality, friendly living environment, high career opportunities after graduation.



Australia has always been a famous study abroad destination that many students around the world dream of. Australia is one of the prosperous countries, top modern education and is known as peaceful country. Since 2016, Australia has started implementing a new visa system for international students called subclass 500, announcing the the requirements for international student going to Australia for education. Like other countries in the world, to study in Australia, you need to first meet the basic requirements of language proficiency, education, financial ability and student visa. To prepare for the upcoming Australian study abroad plan, Thanh Xuan Study Abroad learn specifically the following conditions

When to go to Australia?

To be granted a student visa, the minimum age to study in Australia is 6 years old. Students under 18 are required for welfare arrangements on-site while you are in Australia. Students under 18 years old will be allowed to study abroad in the following cases:

– Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

– Stay with their relatives.

– Your school provides a certificate of accommodation, a commitment to support, and appropriately aligns general welfare matters.

International students are not allowed to come to Australia before your arangement is finished. This is the clause of the Australian student visa. If you do not comply, your visa is likely to be canceled.


Depending on the level of study, majors and schools that require different English proficiency, in general, English proficiency requirements when studying in Australia are usually:

  • IELTS 5.0 for college entry.
  • IELTS 6.0 for university entry.
  • IELTS 6.5 for graduate entry.

If your English level is not too good, do not worry because, currently some schools do not require English entry. You can register for English courses at universities before entering your major. However, the common language in Australia is English, so be prepare to speak English on the daily basic; also in study and research. At the same time, the English courses in Australia is quite advanced, make sure you know a bit of English before going abroad to save money and time.

Entry requirements

Like all countries in the world, studying in Australia also has certain academic requirements. Each program, school, state, and territory has different requirements, requiring students to clearly define the program they want to study, check school website for a better reference. The most basic admission requirements are usually as follows:

  • Apply to study in Australia for the pre-university course:
    • Completed the 11th grade curriculum in Vietnam
    • GPA greater than 7.0
  • Apply to study in Australia for bachelor course:
    • Graduated from high school in Australia or have a foreign certificate equivalent to GCA level A certificate, provided that students must pass 3 suitable subjects. For those of you who are studying at university in Vietnam, you need to complete the first year.
    • GPA greater than 7.0 (However, some schools only require a GPA of 6.5 or higher)


Although it is a prosperous country, famous for its highest education, the cost of studying in Australia is quite suitable for the economy of many Vietnamese families so many of international students choose Australia as a place to study. In order to prepare for a study abroad in Australia, many people wonder how much for the tuition and how much to study abroad. For those questions, the tuition fees maybe different depends on the field, school, and level of study. On average, the cost per year in Australia is about:

  • English courses: 300 – 450 AUD/ week
  • Secondary school (from grade 7 to 12): 9.000 – 22.000 AUD/ year
  • College: 10.000 – 18.000 AUD/ year
  • University: 16.000 – 25.000 AUD/ year
  • Graduate Study: 16.000 – 36.000 AUD/ year
  • Cost of living: about 15.000 AUD/ year

Australian visa requirements

Beside preparing for all the information above, obtaining an Australian visa is extremely important. It is because without an Australian visa, you will certainly have no way to come to Australia. An Australian visa will be the key to opening the door of your dream. To apply for an Australian student visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your school offer letter
  • Documents proving financial support to study in Australia
  • English language certificate
  • Health insurance for international students (OSHC) in accordance with Australian regulations

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to advise and help you can make your study in Australia dream comes true.

List of top schools in Australia

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