Study abroad in your dream country




Step 1: Advising and reviewing students’ applications.

The most experienced consultants will review each application at BF on its strengths and weaknesses.

study abroad, study abroad consultancyStep 2: Orienting students on their study plans

We speak to our students to learn more about their studying goals and desires. Therefore, we can recommend the appropriate courses, English language programs, or colleges for each individual.

Step 3: Apply for universities and get a letter of acceptance.

If you know what university you want to study for the next 4 years, you must apply to get a letter of acceptance. You cannot apply for a student visa without a letter of acceptance.

Step 4: Prepare for finance.

You must always make sure you can pay your tuition fee for at least a semester if your school requires paying tuition fees in advance. Aside from that, preparing well for finance can also help boost your possibility of being granted a student visa.

Step 5: Applying for a student visa.

Applying for a student visa is supposed to be the most challenging step of the whole process. A student visa is a decisional factor that can decide whether you will study abroad in your dream country.

Step 6: After getting a student visa.

We will assist you in booking air tickets and guide you through the admission procedure.