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February 21, 2022 was a special Monday for students at Tan Phu Secondary School, Thoi Binh district, Ca Mau province as it was not only the first gather at the school ground after months of taking online classes because of the covid-19 pandemic, but also the time to honor students as well as supporting students in hardship to help their school time a little bit easier after going through all the damages of the pandemic.

75 backpacks and textbooks were gifted to students. Although the gifts’ value was not significant, these things were essential for students. We hoped our efforts in supporting students would be valuable to the community and motivate students to keep going to school no matter how difficult their circumstances are. We wanted students to know that there are many organizations who are always ready to support them on their study path.

Supporting disadvantaged people in Ca Mau

August 14, 2022, to continue our social activities, we gave away 1,4 ton of rice and 10 million VND to people in difficulty circumstances in Ca Mau. We chose Ca Mau province because Ca Mau is hometown of BF CEO – Ms. Hong Muoi and it is one of the provinces with living standards under the poverty line.

After all, the biggest gift for us was people’s happiness and smile, we were happy as we can contribute our resources to help improve many lives. That meant a lot to us and to people there. We promise to continue our journey and keep our social responsibility going on.


At BF office, we are trying to reduce the number of plastic bags. We are also heading to the goal of zero plastic bags within our office in the future. Our employees are very environmental conscious, and we always sort waste in daily life. We also prioritize to use the products made with environment-friend materials for our office.


We are known as a Study Abroad Consultant, founded in 2006, we have been working hard to connect hundreds of Vietnamese students to many colleges and universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We help students to hunt scholarships from our partner colleges and universities network to make students’ dream of studying abroad come true as many students have great study outcomes, but their finance does not allow them to chase their studying abroad dream.

Here are some of our partner colleges and universities:

Hope College
Troy University
Leeds Beckett University